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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Our ABC Holiday

My letter holiday
By Romae and Isabella 

A.ate a coconut for the first time
B.bailed from school on the last day
C.climbed the trees at a park
D.drove to Punakaiki
E.enjoyed a night out for dinner
F.fished through my clothes to find my school uniform 
G.glared at the massive slide at Margaret Mahy playground 
H.hallucinated a waterfall on the way to the West Coast
I.improved my hockey skills
J.jammed to the song “Starving”
K.kayaking down the river on the West Coast
L.lunged through the door of Inflatable World
M.made some crafts
N. Nothing for N
O.opened a new bottle of fizzy drink 
P.played basketball with my dad in the backyard
Q.queued in line for ice cream
R.raced my friends to St James Park
S.swam at Jellie Park
T.tramping was interesting 
V.visualising myself in Hawaii while relaxing
W.waking up to the sound of quiet
Y.yodeling in the holidays was funny
Z.zealous to go to flip out

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Discovery time reflection (putty)

Discovery Time Reflection (putty)

Today at discovery time Romae and I made putty. It wasn't time consuming but it did make a lot of mess.

Something I wondered before starting was if the putty would turn near to a solid without refrigerating it. After I found out that it did not need to be refrigerated it just needed to be needed.

A strategy I learnt today was to run the putty under cold water after needing it because it helped to make it set.

A struggle I had today was making my yellow because we ran out of the pva that we were using so we found some other pva and used that but it turned out to be white paint so Romae halved hers with me.

A highlight for me was achieving the first putty ball because I was worried that I wasn't going to do a good job of it but I knew that I could always try again.

A lowlight for me is that the putty balls keep on joining up and mixing colours.

Overall it was really interesting because I used different science ingredients like borax. 
I learnt that the glue was like little bits of metal and the borax was like a magnet because it brought it all together and formed a ball especially when you squish it. 

Speech 2016

Personally I think that cyber bullies should actually think what they are doing and what got them into this awful mess. Don't they ever think about low lights in this situation; hurting others which then it can go way too far. It really is just a waste of time and battery, what's the point of wasting your time and battery on hurting others mentally and even physically. 

What do you think about this? Can you think that you could put a stop to this problem? If we want this to stop we can't just wait for the Easter bunny and fix everything with chocolate although when you come to think about it, it would be quite nice some chocolate bunnies, some Easter eggs, sorry about that let me carry on. So since we can't have the Easter bunny we should do something about it.

How is this fair? I know it's not but that's how it is. Like I said before we could do something about this. If we actually believe that this is something we want to stop. When you think about it's like the movies with an Angel on one shoulder saying “it will be fine they're just jealous” then of course there's the devil that rambles negatively shouting “you're not good enough” when really it's the spine chilling notifications of your emails from a cyber bully. Who wants someone breathing on their neck constantly explaining that they are ugly? It would be really nice if emails could be like snapchats when they only last for 10 seconds so you don't have to be scared with horrible hate mail.

At this point you would want hold onto the off button like a life jacket that's keeping you afloat from the stormy seas of cyber bullies. I can't say that this has happened to me before and that I have had experience with this but what I do know is that this has happened to a lot of people and since they know what it feels like some of them actually want to change this. 

I feel that this needs to be stopped I don't know how we could stop this but I'm still thinking about and I know that there is a way. Well right know there is only way which is a way that no one would enjoy, vanish DEVICES so since that will never work like I said I'm still thinking. If you want to stop something trust me there is nothing stopping you if you really are committed. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Camp experience

Bunk Bed Bella

Have you found your sense of self belief, because I have.
I have always thought of falling off a bunk but I have never thought it would happen to me. 

It was an early morning in camp Room 5. 6:20am Bronte, Billie, Romae, and I woke up one by one and starting to talk to each other. I was wrapped up in my sleeping bag like a snail, shivering and sounding like a bee. 

Once we were all awoken some were half asleep and some were bubbly and fully awaken I was definitely fully awaken but when this happens I probably seemed like I was half asleep. We were still talking when we heard someone scream we were quite curious so instead of Romae, who was on the opposite top bunk, I stood up and wandered across the bed to the window I peered through the window but I didn't get a close enough look so I went to step forward onto the remaining part of the bed but instead of having the ability of being able to just simply place my shivering foot down the unexpected happened my foot missed the bed and slipped into mid air. Landing on my back was a scary situation and knowing that I could of broken my back and not being able to walk ever again I was petrified. 

Remembering this now it is like a time lapse, I remember the appearance of Bronte's face went from blissful to shocked but in my head it's zooming through everything that happened so fast. Billie and Bronte rushed out of their sleeping bags to lift me up. My legs were weak and my back was as fragile as a glass cup it was like I should of had one of those FRAGILE stickers on my back. I was screaming and crying so much Bronte and Billy started to really worry. They slowly walked me to Kiris room. Bronte continuously knocked on Kiris door like a woodpecker, then Kiri opened the door. Kiri looked like that this was not the time to wake her up but I think she was definitely wide awake from seeing the shock on her face. Kiri opened the door to the rm called “the cherry berries” and lay me down on one of the bottom bunks. It was quite early in the morning people were still asleep but I think most of them were awake after the scream of terror. 

I stayed lying down on the creaky wooden bed. My eyes glued to the bottom of the top bunk. I was thinking is anything going to happen from here am I just going to stay lying here for the rest of camp.

By now it was 8 am. Kiri gets hold of a lady at the Hanmer medical centre and they explained that an ambulance will come to pick me up. Kids swarmed around me like ants and a piece of fruit. Lulu, Bronte, Billie, and Romae came to visit me before breakfast to say goodbye, which I thought was really nice. The anticipation of waiting for the ambulance brought chills to my face then wriggled to my toes. I felt like crying like the maniac I was before because the pain was throbbing and so uncomfortable. I was hoping I was going to be told that it was all fine and that it was just a little bruise. Then stones crumble and leaves flow swiftly and I notice that the ambulance has arrived. Three kind hearted medics introduce themselves. While I'm hearing that I'm in good hands, in this position I highly doubted that. They slipped me onto a stretcher and strapped me to it so I wouldn't fall off. Then put me on a wheeled bed. I pleaded to Kiri “can you stay with me” as much as she wanted to (I think) Kiri had to stay so the kids could carry on with the camp activities. Kiri said goodbye and I did too as I got strolled into the ambulance I was hoping that I would come back to camp. Lou came with me all the way which was really nice. 

At the time I was quite tired and in pain so when I looked through the window I saw a black hole which turned out to be a cloud. The windows were tinted so people couldn't see into the ambulance but people in the ambulance could see out. 

Finally the ambulance stopped, the back doors open and the sound of wheels screech in my ear like a parrot. I felt myself slowly moving down a ramp, then rolling over stones, and storming over bumps which lead to an emergency room with some doctors and the three gracious medics. One of the doctors got a hammer and knocked it on my knees to check my reflexes they were fine well I thought they were. Then another doctor wriggled my frozen toes which was fine. Next comes to testing my back and checking my spine which was not pleasant especially because I got the news that I will be going back to Christchurch in the stuffy, uncomfortable ambulance, and to get there my neck got strapped up with a brace with the back digging into the back of my neck. This is going to be the first and worst thing that has ever happened to my neck. I start to hesitate and worry. I tell them that I get car sick and that I have some sea legs back at camp but instead of getting an answer I start sobbing and I get strolled back over the rugged stones and up the ramp into the dark, doctor lair. 

Now we were on our way to Christchurch. I like going on car rides; setting up a bed, watching movies, and sleeping but ambulance rides are not as amusing especially when you are lying on your back for two hours. It's been about 10 minutes and I was fighting to get out of the strapped, rough bed. One of the medics,Sharon, was sitting with me and it seemed like she was going three two one and….  because every five minutes I would moan “where are we now”. We arrive in the tracks of Waimakariri and attempt to cross the unnerving bridge. Slowly trekking along the bridge the ambulance stumbled over stones until we reached the end of the bridge, so we carry on with our limousine of a journey. We pass the sign to cheviot then to woodend then we enter the hometown of Christchurch I was relieved that the unforgettable ride was finally over and that the deadly neck brace was going to be removed from my weeping neck. I clutched the side of the stretcher as we jetted over the bumps and around the sharp turns. 

The doors slam open and brakes are flicked up and the stretcher gets rambled out of the ambulance and swirled into the Christchurch public hospital. Doctors crowd around wanting to know what has happened and what they need to do to help, the medics explain everything that's happened. I get put in a cubicle and wait for a nurse to come. Footsteps scatter everywhere and muffled voices mould into a million conversations. A nurse comes, takes my blood pressure and checks my spine… If I had something to numb the pain. The words came straight out of her mouth that I was having an X-RAY. I arrived in the X-ray room and had my X-Ray, easy. I came back to the cubicle and got my results. I was fine but my bones just got jumbled up and there was some bruising but besides that I was fine. 

Having the sense of self belief helped because normally I would panic but this time I trusted the people around me. Something I learnt about myself was that I can keep calm and that I don't need to panic, that everyone needs to be careful with bunks, listen to rules that have been placed and realise what is going to happen if you don't follow them.

Writing reflection 

Some language features I used were…
Similes when I said: Bronte knocked on the door like a woodpecker.  
                                 Wheels screech in my ear like a parrot.
                                 Kids were like ants around a piece of fruit.
                                 Limousine of a ride.

Something I need to work on is add more detail.

Personification when I said: weeping neck.

I think I am going well because I have put detail in my writing and explained what happened clearly.

My next step in my writing is to use my skills that I have used in this piece of writing in other pieces of writing so they can be clear, descriptive, and to send a message that people will understand.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Term 1 Arts Reflection

Term 1 Arts Reflection

In term 1 we focused on our pulse and our vibe in the classroom through beat and music. We shared our knowledge in a performance where I had the role of notifying and being part of the team by ringing the cowbell that told the kids to stop and to make an awesome feature which I thought was very cool. I know now that beat helps lyrics and rhythm join together to form a song, you can't have a song without beat. Punamuwatanga was a big thing of term one. Punamawatanga represents the pulse and beat in the classroom and to have a role and not to be a passenger.

My thinking around beat in term 1 was at a multistructural level, I could identify beat in many contexts but I couldn't understand the purpose of it so that is my next step. 

During term 1 I had the role of keeping people safe on the road by being a road patroller. I really enjoy having this role because it makes me feel good that people have chosen to cross the road safely and not having the risk of being hit by a car. This is a really important role because you need to keep focus and to concentrate on the cars to make sure no one gets hurt. Us road patrollers have the help of someone very important, Darren, he is a role model to us because Darren always watches out for cars and puts a smile on the people who is in his sight. I believe that by doing road patrol I have learnt more social skills and the meaning of keeping people safe, I'm charmed to be doing road patrol again this term, term 2.

Term 1 we had a great experience which was camp we had the opportunities of tree climbing, going to the hanmer cemetery, orienteering, bear grylls challenges, and mountain biking, I thought camp was really cool and although I missed out on a couple days I still had a really good time. On camp I learnt more about teamwork like how It really affects others.

Overall in term one I learnt all about beat like the reason why we have it and how it works. The things I would like to achieve in term two are to discover where beat links to social studies and different cultures.

By Isabella.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

My special place

Havelock, my special place

The crowded harbour invites my Grandad’s boat, “Soundwave”.
Risk-taking cousins and I jump off boats into the blue depths below.
Kind locals wave and smile at us as we enter the little town of Havelock.
The modern Havelock motel gathers people from all over New Zealand, and probably the world.
Grandad’s lively boat pulls me to the steering wheel to steer the boat through the elevating hills protruding out of the clear water.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Discovery time reflection 6


Today at discovery time I made baked bean fritters with Lulu, Seo Hyun, Brooklyn, Savannah, and Romae.

The role I played was a learner because I was learning work work with others and to make baked bean fritters.

Strategies I used were to watch an expert and definitely listen to instructions so I would not muck up the bean fritters.

Something new I have learnt how to work with others and how to make bean fritters. One of the things I learnt throughout making the bean fritters is to spray oil onto the pan to make sure they don't stick and just slide off. I learnt that when we spoon the mix out of the bowl we make it small so it will cook faster. Something I wish I had learnt was how to make sure that everyone gets a go at everything and that nobody get left out.

A struggle for me was to make sure everyone got to do something and nobody got left out because everyone wanted to do this one thing all at the same time.

I showed a growth mindset when I came back from ukulele I knew what was going on so I just joined back in.

Next discovery time I would like to show an improvement by picking an activity that I will enjoy because this one I didn't really enjoy this one.