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Wednesday, 1 April 2015



It was a very frosty Thursday morning. I was in group waru. Shane called out "Let's go smelly ratbags." But what was going on?   Where were we going?   Ben the instructor said "ARCHERY! I felt pretty excited.

After a five minute walk which felt like a forever walk, we finally arrived at archery. Ben talked about what things are and where they go, then we started.   We had three arrows that were blue and had colourful fletchings. Ben said that we had to pick a movie character that does archery. Xavier C chose to be called Green Arrow, Rosemary chose Katniss, and I chose myself because I am pretty good at archery, plus I didn't know who to chose.

The first letter in our name decided when we had our turn.  Finally it came to the letter I.  I stepped into the square, I picked up the bow and placed my arrow in the bow and was ready to fire.  "Ready aim,"  I said to myself.  "Hold it right there, you are out of control, you are holding the bow the wrong way you Walrus,” Ben told me.  So I turned my bow around and yelled "Ready, aim, fire!"   The arrow swooped right past the target. I had two more arrows to fire. After I had retrieved my arrows, I dawdled back with them behind me, walking like a peacock, moving the arrows up and down.   Everyone was laughing.  Amy took a picture of me.

Then we played a dinner theme archery game.  I got three plates and my friends got three plates too. Each colour on the target represented something you needed to eat your tea with.  At the end of the game we had to eat with no hands, no spoons, no forks, and no knives - just our mouths.

After that weird game was over we had some fun practicing shooting at the targets.   I was about to go again "Ready, aim, fire."

Well not quite, I didn't pull it back enough.   It bounced away and landed sticking upright in the grass,   I was embarrassed.   I took my second arrow, placed it in my bow, pulled it back and "Ouch”. I’d scraped my arm.   There was a horrifying, unbelievable red mark and it really hurt. I still wanted to use the last arrow. I placed the last arrow in the bow and then "Ready, aim, fire" I said to myself.   I released the arrow. It flew through the air and hit the red.  I was so close to the bullseye, I felt pretty good.

I returned to camp feeling relieved that I had not killed anyone with the arrow.  I hope my next camp Is as fun as this camp.


  1. Wow I really love your writing

  2. I love your writing you must be pretty good at archery if you nearly got a bullseye next time hope you get a bullseye and I am glad you didn't kill anyone withe the arrow I can't wait to read your next writing. :)