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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Kaitiakitanga learning reflection


We chose to do native planting to keep the connection to the māori culture alive,and to make sure kids at waimairi school know māori language, and know the māori trees/plants.

The things that went well were:

  • Going to Oderings Garden Centre and seeing all the native plants.

  • Trees for Canterbury kindly donated to us some plants.

The things that didn't go well were:

  • Not being able to get the plants we wanted.

We had lots of roadblocks. For example when we couldn't get the plants that we wanted.

We overcame them by:

  • getting plants from trees for Canterbury.

We learned that:

  • It takes a long time to get the plants you want even if you don't get the right plants/plants you want.

  • You need to do a lot of planning even if  it doesn't end up what you wanted.

If we could do something differently we would:

  • Take notes so we would get a better understanding of the plants at Oderings Garden Centre.

  • Get colourful plants

  • Get plants that are not around the school

  • Get plants that have māori names

We think we are relational because we can demonstrate kaitiakitanga through an action of my choice and I can explain how it builds connection to tangata whenua and what it is guarding/sustaining.

This is a picture of a silver fern from Oderings Garden Centre

Photographer: Rosemary webber

Writers: Isabella Judkins & Rosemary webber


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