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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Materials explanation

There are a range of different materials in the world that can be classified into groups such as plastics, glass, metals and paper. Materials can be used badly when it comes to looking after the environment.

Materials have lots of uses.  Paper can be used for books, newspapers, and paper mâché. Organics like apple cores, banana peels, and citrus peels can be used for composting. That means organics are reusable and are good for the environment. Glass can be used for making jars, glass doors, cups, and bottles.

All materials are made up from a range of properties.  Plastic is photodegradable which means it is broken down with sunlight. It is also made out of petroleum and takes between 500-1000 years to breakdown.  It is recyclable and reusable.  Paper is made from wood and is recyclable and reusable.  Glass is made from sand and is recyclable and reusable.  

People use materials in ways that are not very good for the environment.  For example,  people use the bushes as bins and put their materials in the wrong bins.  Plastics can pollute lakes and rivers because they take so long to break down.  When some people put milk bottles into the bin they forget to take the lid off which prevents the bottle from being recycled.

Overall people are average at using materials in ways that look after the environment.  However they really need to learn about what can happen when they throw rubbish onto the ground and into the environment.


  1. Well done Isabella😄
    Your writing was great and I learnt a lot from it.
    I like how you said about plastic being photodegradable
    Good job!

  2. Wow Bella
    I've learnt so much about rubbish now