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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Discovery time reflection 6


Today at discovery time I made baked bean fritters with Lulu, Seo Hyun, Brooklyn, Savannah, and Romae.

The role I played was a learner because I was learning work work with others and to make baked bean fritters.

Strategies I used were to watch an expert and definitely listen to instructions so I would not muck up the bean fritters.

Something new I have learnt how to work with others and how to make bean fritters. One of the things I learnt throughout making the bean fritters is to spray oil onto the pan to make sure they don't stick and just slide off. I learnt that when we spoon the mix out of the bowl we make it small so it will cook faster. Something I wish I had learnt was how to make sure that everyone gets a go at everything and that nobody get left out.

A struggle for me was to make sure everyone got to do something and nobody got left out because everyone wanted to do this one thing all at the same time.

I showed a growth mindset when I came back from ukulele I knew what was going on so I just joined back in.

Next discovery time I would like to show an improvement by picking an activity that I will enjoy because this one I didn't really enjoy this one.

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