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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Term 1 Arts Reflection

Term 1 Arts Reflection

In term 1 we focused on our pulse and our vibe in the classroom through beat and music. We shared our knowledge in a performance where I had the role of notifying and being part of the team by ringing the cowbell that told the kids to stop and to make an awesome feature which I thought was very cool. I know now that beat helps lyrics and rhythm join together to form a song, you can't have a song without beat. Punamuwatanga was a big thing of term one. Punamawatanga represents the pulse and beat in the classroom and to have a role and not to be a passenger.

My thinking around beat in term 1 was at a multistructural level, I could identify beat in many contexts but I couldn't understand the purpose of it so that is my next step. 

During term 1 I had the role of keeping people safe on the road by being a road patroller. I really enjoy having this role because it makes me feel good that people have chosen to cross the road safely and not having the risk of being hit by a car. This is a really important role because you need to keep focus and to concentrate on the cars to make sure no one gets hurt. Us road patrollers have the help of someone very important, Darren, he is a role model to us because Darren always watches out for cars and puts a smile on the people who is in his sight. I believe that by doing road patrol I have learnt more social skills and the meaning of keeping people safe, I'm charmed to be doing road patrol again this term, term 2.

Term 1 we had a great experience which was camp we had the opportunities of tree climbing, going to the hanmer cemetery, orienteering, bear grylls challenges, and mountain biking, I thought camp was really cool and although I missed out on a couple days I still had a really good time. On camp I learnt more about teamwork like how It really affects others.

Overall in term one I learnt all about beat like the reason why we have it and how it works. The things I would like to achieve in term two are to discover where beat links to social studies and different cultures.

By Isabella.

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