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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Camp experience

Bunk Bed Bella

Have you found your sense of self belief, because I have.
I have always thought of falling off a bunk but I have never thought it would happen to me. 

It was an early morning in camp Room 5. 6:20am Bronte, Billie, Romae, and I woke up one by one and starting to talk to each other. I was wrapped up in my sleeping bag like a snail, shivering and sounding like a bee. 

Once we were all awoken some were half asleep and some were bubbly and fully awaken I was definitely fully awaken but when this happens I probably seemed like I was half asleep. We were still talking when we heard someone scream we were quite curious so instead of Romae, who was on the opposite top bunk, I stood up and wandered across the bed to the window I peered through the window but I didn't get a close enough look so I went to step forward onto the remaining part of the bed but instead of having the ability of being able to just simply place my shivering foot down the unexpected happened my foot missed the bed and slipped into mid air. Landing on my back was a scary situation and knowing that I could of broken my back and not being able to walk ever again I was petrified. 

Remembering this now it is like a time lapse, I remember the appearance of Bronte's face went from blissful to shocked but in my head it's zooming through everything that happened so fast. Billie and Bronte rushed out of their sleeping bags to lift me up. My legs were weak and my back was as fragile as a glass cup it was like I should of had one of those FRAGILE stickers on my back. I was screaming and crying so much Bronte and Billy started to really worry. They slowly walked me to Kiris room. Bronte continuously knocked on Kiris door like a woodpecker, then Kiri opened the door. Kiri looked like that this was not the time to wake her up but I think she was definitely wide awake from seeing the shock on her face. Kiri opened the door to the rm called “the cherry berries” and lay me down on one of the bottom bunks. It was quite early in the morning people were still asleep but I think most of them were awake after the scream of terror. 

I stayed lying down on the creaky wooden bed. My eyes glued to the bottom of the top bunk. I was thinking is anything going to happen from here am I just going to stay lying here for the rest of camp.

By now it was 8 am. Kiri gets hold of a lady at the Hanmer medical centre and they explained that an ambulance will come to pick me up. Kids swarmed around me like ants and a piece of fruit. Lulu, Bronte, Billie, and Romae came to visit me before breakfast to say goodbye, which I thought was really nice. The anticipation of waiting for the ambulance brought chills to my face then wriggled to my toes. I felt like crying like the maniac I was before because the pain was throbbing and so uncomfortable. I was hoping I was going to be told that it was all fine and that it was just a little bruise. Then stones crumble and leaves flow swiftly and I notice that the ambulance has arrived. Three kind hearted medics introduce themselves. While I'm hearing that I'm in good hands, in this position I highly doubted that. They slipped me onto a stretcher and strapped me to it so I wouldn't fall off. Then put me on a wheeled bed. I pleaded to Kiri “can you stay with me” as much as she wanted to (I think) Kiri had to stay so the kids could carry on with the camp activities. Kiri said goodbye and I did too as I got strolled into the ambulance I was hoping that I would come back to camp. Lou came with me all the way which was really nice. 

At the time I was quite tired and in pain so when I looked through the window I saw a black hole which turned out to be a cloud. The windows were tinted so people couldn't see into the ambulance but people in the ambulance could see out. 

Finally the ambulance stopped, the back doors open and the sound of wheels screech in my ear like a parrot. I felt myself slowly moving down a ramp, then rolling over stones, and storming over bumps which lead to an emergency room with some doctors and the three gracious medics. One of the doctors got a hammer and knocked it on my knees to check my reflexes they were fine well I thought they were. Then another doctor wriggled my frozen toes which was fine. Next comes to testing my back and checking my spine which was not pleasant especially because I got the news that I will be going back to Christchurch in the stuffy, uncomfortable ambulance, and to get there my neck got strapped up with a brace with the back digging into the back of my neck. This is going to be the first and worst thing that has ever happened to my neck. I start to hesitate and worry. I tell them that I get car sick and that I have some sea legs back at camp but instead of getting an answer I start sobbing and I get strolled back over the rugged stones and up the ramp into the dark, doctor lair. 

Now we were on our way to Christchurch. I like going on car rides; setting up a bed, watching movies, and sleeping but ambulance rides are not as amusing especially when you are lying on your back for two hours. It's been about 10 minutes and I was fighting to get out of the strapped, rough bed. One of the medics,Sharon, was sitting with me and it seemed like she was going three two one and….  because every five minutes I would moan “where are we now”. We arrive in the tracks of Waimakariri and attempt to cross the unnerving bridge. Slowly trekking along the bridge the ambulance stumbled over stones until we reached the end of the bridge, so we carry on with our limousine of a journey. We pass the sign to cheviot then to woodend then we enter the hometown of Christchurch I was relieved that the unforgettable ride was finally over and that the deadly neck brace was going to be removed from my weeping neck. I clutched the side of the stretcher as we jetted over the bumps and around the sharp turns. 

The doors slam open and brakes are flicked up and the stretcher gets rambled out of the ambulance and swirled into the Christchurch public hospital. Doctors crowd around wanting to know what has happened and what they need to do to help, the medics explain everything that's happened. I get put in a cubicle and wait for a nurse to come. Footsteps scatter everywhere and muffled voices mould into a million conversations. A nurse comes, takes my blood pressure and checks my spine… If I had something to numb the pain. The words came straight out of her mouth that I was having an X-RAY. I arrived in the X-ray room and had my X-Ray, easy. I came back to the cubicle and got my results. I was fine but my bones just got jumbled up and there was some bruising but besides that I was fine. 

Having the sense of self belief helped because normally I would panic but this time I trusted the people around me. Something I learnt about myself was that I can keep calm and that I don't need to panic, that everyone needs to be careful with bunks, listen to rules that have been placed and realise what is going to happen if you don't follow them.

Writing reflection 

Some language features I used were…
Similes when I said: Bronte knocked on the door like a woodpecker.  
                                 Wheels screech in my ear like a parrot.
                                 Kids were like ants around a piece of fruit.
                                 Limousine of a ride.

Something I need to work on is add more detail.

Personification when I said: weeping neck.

I think I am going well because I have put detail in my writing and explained what happened clearly.

My next step in my writing is to use my skills that I have used in this piece of writing in other pieces of writing so they can be clear, descriptive, and to send a message that people will understand.


  1. Well done Bella I Love your writing but I hated to hear that you got hurt, I really hope you feel ok now because I hate to see or hear that your in pain.

  2. I really like how you described the situation and what was happening it was long yet it kept the reader excited about what was going to happen next