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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Discovery time reflection (putty)

Discovery Time Reflection (putty)

Today at discovery time Romae and I made putty. It wasn't time consuming but it did make a lot of mess.

Something I wondered before starting was if the putty would turn near to a solid without refrigerating it. After I found out that it did not need to be refrigerated it just needed to be needed.

A strategy I learnt today was to run the putty under cold water after needing it because it helped to make it set.

A struggle I had today was making my yellow because we ran out of the pva that we were using so we found some other pva and used that but it turned out to be white paint so Romae halved hers with me.

A highlight for me was achieving the first putty ball because I was worried that I wasn't going to do a good job of it but I knew that I could always try again.

A lowlight for me is that the putty balls keep on joining up and mixing colours.

Overall it was really interesting because I used different science ingredients like borax. 
I learnt that the glue was like little bits of metal and the borax was like a magnet because it brought it all together and formed a ball especially when you squish it. 

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